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Economic Outlook 

The Ames Chamber of Commerce and the Ames Economic Development Commission (AEDC), and their affiliate partners, work to grow the economic base of the community. This is accomplished by facilitating the expansion and retention of existing businesses, establishing full-serviced business sites and buildings, recruiting new targeted business opportunities, and pursuing community development efforts that enhance the infrastructure, marketability, and quality of life of Ames and the surrounding area. The Ames Chamber and AEDC are pleased to present a forecast of local and state opportunities, challenges and trends and how they affect the Ames business community. This luncheon will feature a keynote speaker that is an expert in economic development.

Ames Economic Development Commission

Economic development is a process that takes great vision, teamwork, and follow-through by a vast array of community leaders. The AEDC has proven that it is committed to the economic development of the Ames and Story County area. The very existence of the AEDC is dedicated to continually provide extraordinary growth opportunities in a fiercely competitive environment that has long eclipsed competing against our neighbors; rather, we are competing in a global arena for new jobs and capital investment.

The AEDC is made up of approximately 100 business and professional people in partnership representing industry, education, and government.

AEDC volunteers and staff work closely with the Ames Chamber of Commerce, Ames City Council, ISU, ISU Research Park, the City of Huxley, and the Story County Economic Development Group to promote a unified approach to economic development.


Ames Seed Capital

The Ames Seed Capital Fund was originally incorporated in 1987 as Ames Seed Capital Fund, Inc. and then became Ames Seed Capital, LLC in 1999 ("ASCF" or "Fund"). ASCF is a pool of investment funds contributed by private sources (entities and individuals) for the purpose of providing equity financing for business start-ups and/or expansions in Ames, Story City, Nevada, Huxley and related Story County areas.

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Business Builder Series

Learn about the best small business practices from local experts. Everything from social media marketing to hiring and retention!

Startup Ames

Startup Ames is an initiative led by local entrepreneurs that brings together local entrepreneurs to foster a robust community––creating fertile ground to launch new businesses in Ames. We value a vision for world changing innovation, high quality community life, individuals who possess an irresistible entrepreneurial spirit, and a thriving culture in our city – Ames.

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